It Is a Matter of Time The Entire Nasser will Fall Under SPLA IO Soon

nasser white army
Nuer White Army

January 9,2017 (Nasser)-The Deputy spokesperson of the SPLA-IO (Sudan People’s Liberation Army in Opposition) under the leadership and command of the former first vice president, Riek Machar, claimed in a statement on Monday their forces are still controlling up to 90% of Nasir area in Latjor state. Major Dickson Gatluak Jock was reacting to reports quoting a government official saying "most territories under Latjor or Sobat state are under the government control" under Taban Deng's faction in Upper Nile. The Sudan people's liberation army in opposition would like to refute the claim as a misleading to the public. This is a white lie that I would call it a wishful thinking that doesn’t fit, said Dickson Gatluak in a statement extended to Radiotamazuj on Monday. He, however, admitted the loss of Nordeng area to the government side, saying it was a matter of time before their forces would retake it after regrouping. “For sure our forces were pushed out from Nordeng only for the last two days by government but still we are in full control of Dhuoreding, Torpuot, Ketbek, Nyariew, Mandeng and Moprobo in Equartoria. Those areas are still contested by both warring armies and it’s just a matter of time, we will retake Nordeng including the entire town of Nasir”, he said. The rebel officer said capturing an area does not amount to ending the war. “As a fighter with an experience in battle fields, you can lose the battle but not the war and we hope the SPLA/IO mighty forces are winning this war after all since they fight for justice, freedom and rights of every citizen in the young nation”, he said. He said these operations, being carried out in Nasir will come to an end soon, warning those unconfirmed Generals who are being misled by Taban Deng including Nasir Ruot Geng who is in charge of operation to refrain from such injustice acts, and they must stop burning down the civilians houses, raping and looting properties.

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